Why Newmom?

Life is busy for new parents. It's hard enough to care for a newborn — let alone themselves.

Our mission is to help moms find the support they need for a healthy and happy motherhood.

How we help

Detailed provider profile

Comprehensive information about providers, so you don’t have to search in multiple places.

Request background checks

Provided by some service providers upon request.

Credential certificates

View providers' certificates.

Schedule appointments

Easy booking and payment.

Free for moms

It's free for moms to join and search for providers.


Numerous studies* indicate that providing physical, social and emotional support to pregnant and new mothers may provide some of all of the following benefits.

Helps prevent Postpartum depression
Facilitates mothers’ recovery after childbirth
Improves the health of mothers and their babies
Promotes productive breastfeeding
Helps new moms transition back to work
Facilitates family harmony

*From Pregnancy to Postpartum: The Effects of Maternal Depression on Mothers, Infants and Toddlers (2019)

*Research and Applications Consumer health-related needs of pregnant women and their caregivers (2018)

*Social support during the postpartum period: Mothers’ views on needs, expectations, and mobilization of support (2013).


*Forbes: The Pressure is Real for Working Mothers (August 2018)