“All moms deserve healthy and happy motherhood."

What’s our mission.

Welcome, from one mother to another.

When I gave birth few years ago, I was overflowing with joy. But I also faced challenges such as physical exhaustion, breastfeeding missteps, and postpartum depression.

I was constantly fluctuating between loving motherhood and dreading the next day.

Though I grew up in India, until I had my son, I never realized the significance of many of its lovely mother-centric customs and practices. Practiced to the fullest, these practices become a form of celebration for the women. Whole families and even extended communities come together to emphatically support mom as well as welcome the new baby into the home. We want to bring this spirit of new mothers care to our modern lives.

Our mission at newmom, is to enrich the lives of mothers and families by connecting pregnant & new mothers with the pre and postpartum support providers and help them transition to a healthy and happy motherhood.

Motherhood is an amazing experience and we will be there for you at every step of the way to make it happier and more beautiful.

Puja Kapoor
Founder, Mom & Doula in training