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Fresh, Natural, Made to Order Lactation Cookies & Bites
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Vivian, the mama behind SoJo’s Cookies & Bites

After giving birth to our little girl (So) in 2017, I struggled with low milk supply and tried several different supplements, teas and foods to try increasing it. After testing and modifying a few different recipes, I landed on a cookie recipe that tastes delicious, made with commonly used natural and organic ingredients and they increased my milk supply. Since then, the cookies and bites became staple snacks in our home for mama (and dad). I made both in advance of having our baby boy (Jo) in 2019 and started eating them right after giving birth and my milk supply was like a dairy farm!

Our food

Our Lactation cookies and bites are the perfect grab and go snack when you only have those few minutes to eat. They are made with natural ingredients known as Galactagogues that have been used by mothers for generations to increase breastmilk production. We also offer Gluten free and Vegan options. Give them a try yourself or gift them to a fellow mama!

Our products
Lactation Cookies


All cookies are homemade and fresh to order using common ingredients that are known to help with milk production. These yummy cookies are the perfect blend of oatmeal and chocolate chip that will keep you coming back for more!

Lactation Bites


All bites are homemade and fresh to order using common ingredients that are known to help with milk production. These no-bake bites are packed with protein and are the perfect snack - giving you energy to get through the day!

Lactation Sample Pack

$20/6 cookies & 6 bites

Give both products a try with our sample pack.

Gluten-free and Vegan options

Our gluten free and vegan options give you the same yummy taste without sacrificing the milk producing benefits of our products. We swap out our flour, rolled oats and brewers yeast for Gluten Free versions. For vegan, we replace with vegan butter, chocolate chips & eggs replacement.

  • Cookies $30/dozen
  • Bites $20/dozen
  • Sample Pack $25/dozen
Service Area

Available for pickup in South San Francisco, local delivery within 10 miles for $5, or within 15 miles for $10.

Contactless pickup/delivery preferred during COVID.

Shipping within the U.S. available for extra charge.