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Nourish your body. Thrive Postpartum.
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Helen & Jessica, Co-founders of Ritual Meals

Our mission is to nourish women after giving birth, so they can recover faster and better enjoy early motherhood.

We understand the new mother has one of the hardest jobs in the world. After giving birth, her body enters a crucial postpartum recovery period. These next six weeks are an opportunity to heal, replenish, and fortify what was spent during child birth. The new mother’s body needs a postpartum-focused approach to food and nutrition that adequately supports her during this stage of her life.

Ritual Meals cooks and delivers postpartum meals nutritionally designed to support women during her most transformational wellness journey—her postpartum recovery. Our meals help women heal faster, restore hormonal balance and emotional health, and, if she is breastfeeding, boost her supply and milk quality. We make our meals focused on her health and wellness, her nutritional needs, and her joy, so that she can experience her best postpartum recovery and better enjoy early motherhood.

Our services

The Postpartum Program

Organic meal delivery for new parents. Nourish your body with essential postpartum nutrition after giving birth, so you can recover faster and thrive postpartum.

The Postpartum Program consists of the following:

Repair and replenish your body, recalibrate your hormones, and regain digestive balance. Plan ahead and subscribe for 10% off and FREE delivery.

Our food

We thoughtfully source & select ingredients because every mother deserves the best. High quality ingredients good for the mother and the baby. Our powerful postpartum nutrition is:

  • Plant rich
  • Organic
  • Low gluten
  • No refined sugar
  • Non-GMO

Our menu

Our Postpartum Program menu changes weekly. Our menu consists of:

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Snacks: 2 daily milk producing snacks of the week
  • Teas: 2 daily hydrating & healing teas of the week

For 2, 3, & 4 day programs, you will receive 1 box per week. For 7 day programs, you will receive 2 boxes per week.
Plan ahead by choosing the starting delivery week when you add to cart, and rest assured your postpartum meals will be on their way!

Service area

We know Mama needs to rest; we ship weekly to anywhere in the continental US—straight to your doorstep!