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Nourishing new & expecting moms
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Tali Biale, founder Kitchen Doula

I am a chef, farmer, and pre-natal yoga teacher. I believe that wholesome, delicious food prepared simply, using fresh, high quality ingredients has the power not just to feed the body, but truly to nourish the heart and soul too. After working as a chef at Union Square Cafe in Manhattan and then on various farms in the Northeast, I know the ins and outs of food, from seed to plate. Nothing makes me happier than a group of people I love, all gathered around my table.

I am honored to help build happy, healthy, well-nourished families.

Our food

What foods do we cook?

We focus on fresh produce, organically-grown whenever possible, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, and wholesome fats like coconut milk.

Why soups and stews?

Hearty, wholesome soups and stews offer a complete meal that is easy to digest. There is no dish that is cooked with as much love and patience as a soup or stew, and we believe you can feel that with every warming bite.

Why frozen?

We make our soups and stews and immediately freeze them, so that you are under no time pressure to eat what you receive. We also offer healthy, homemade snacks that provide easy, quick boosts of energy.

Stock The Freezer Package from $160
  • Get set for the arrival of your baby by loading your freezer with wholesome food!
  • Package includes 3 soups, 2 stews, 10 balls of frozen lactation cookie dough, 4 frozen buttermilk biscuits, and 5 date-coconut energy bites.
  • You can choose meat or vegetarian package.

New Mama Package from $160
  • Nourish yourself so you can take care of your little one!
  • A selection of 3 wholesome, homemade soups, 2 hearty stews, 10 lactation cookies, 5 date-coconut energy bites, homemade granola, and our new mom tea blend.
  • You can choose meat or vegetarian package.

Extra Pampering Package from $255
  • Makes an amazing gift!
  • This pack includes 6 soups, 2 stews, 20 oatmeal lactation cookies, homemade granola, new mom tea blend, turmeric-ginger tonic, 5 date-coconut energy bites, a soothing herbal bath blend, and rosemary nuts.
  • You can choose meat or vegetarian package.

Service area

We generally go as far south as San Jose, as far north as San Rafael, and as far East as Walnut Creek. There is a flat fee of $20 for all a la carte orders. For orders over $250 and ALL packages, delivery is FREE!