10 surprising facts about Breastfeeding

July 29, 2023

Do you know that breast milk is also called “Liquid Gold”?

Read below to learn 10 Surprising Facts about Breastfeeding, by Lactation consultant(IBCLC), Tracey Jedrzejek. Enjoy!

1. Pregnant moms start making milk during their 2nd trimester of pregnancy.
2. Given the time necessary, a newborn baby laid down on mom’s chest will find the breast and breastfeed with no help from mom.
3. On the first day of life, babies drink only about a teaspoon of milk per feeding.
4. Babies do not know hunger until day 3 of life. They are born with a high suck need.
5. Colostrum is yellow because it contains the powerful antioxidant beta carotene.
6. The size of a woman’s breast has little to no effect on her milk supply.
7. Whatever environment mom breastfeeds in, her body will create antibodies for her breastmilk against the germs that her body detects in that environment.
8. Babies do not use their teeth to breastfeed.
9. A breastfed baby that is offered a bottle too quickly will act hungry after finishing if she did not get her suck needs fulfilled.
10. The average global weaning age is 7 years old.

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