Questions to ask a Nanny’s references

July 29, 2023

You have interviewed a couple of nannies, requested them for their work experience and references, and are now planning to reach out to the families nannies have worked for. Here is a list of suggested questions you can ask when talking to the families the nanny has previously worked for,

  1. What type of childcare services did the nanny provide?
  2. How long did the nanny work for you?
  3. How many children did the nanny care for and what were their ages?
  4. Did the nanny drive your children to activities and if so, were you comfortable with her driving skills?
  5. Was the nanny allowed to let the children watch television or use screen time?
  6. Did the nanny provide snacks or meals and if so, what food did the nanny serve?
  7. How did you and the nanny communicate with each other? Did you talk during transitions, have a written message center with daily summaries, text or email, talk on the phone?
  8. How often did you communicate – daily or just to manage changes in the schedule?
  9. How much independence did the nanny have in this role regarding the schedule, planning activities, and ways to care for the children?
  10. What type of training did you provide the nanny?
  11. What was the nanny’s role within your family?
  12. What did your children say about the nanny?
  13. Did the nanny always arrive to work on time? Did the nanny seem excited to be at work?
  14. What types of games and activities did the nanny do with your children?
  15. Was the nanny reachable when you contacted her during working hours?
  16. Can you share a story about a difficult situation that was handled well by the nanny?
  17. Can you tell me about a time you think the candidate could have handled a situation better?
  18. Did the nanny have to handle an emergency such as an injury, while caring for your children. If so, can you share what happened and how the nanny managed the situation?
  19. Did you end the position or did the nanny provide notice? If the nanny left the position, how much notice was given?
  20. Would you hire the nanny again if you needed a nanny and this nanny was interested in working for your family?

Congratulations! you found a wonderful nanny and are now looking forward to her starting her services. Here are few tips to help you prepare for your nanny's arrival and aid her in succeeding in her role,

  • Make sure you have a signed copy of your nanny contract before services are started
  • Have her employment documents ready
  • Get workers' compensation insurance (please check your county and state laws on if you need one)
  • Prepare a nanny welcome letter
  • Create a cheat sheet with the following information,
  1. Emergency contact information
  2. Example of daily schedule
  3. Tracking sheet for any activity log you want to monitor
  4. Ideas for meals and snacks
  5. Children’s’ favorite books
  6. Map of nearby parks
  7. Any other child care instructions

After your nanny starts in her role, here are few suggestions to develop a healthy relationship with your nanny.

  • Communicate openly and regularly: Establish clear lines of communication with your nanny and make sure you are both on the same page regarding your expectations and goals for your child's care.
  • Show appreciation: Acknowledge and appreciate your nanny's hard work and dedication to your child's well-being.
  • Be respectful: Treat your nanny with respect and courtesy, and respect their boundaries and privacy.
  • Be flexible: Be willing to work with your nanny to accommodate their schedule and needs, while also ensuring that the needs of your child are met.
  • Set clear boundaries: Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of both you and your nanny, and make sure that there is mutual understanding and agreement.
  • Build trust: Show your nanny that you trust them

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