Why we need a strong community of moms

November 15, 2021

Motherhood is full of love, emotion, and lots of questions. Finding a strong community of mamas who are our friends, companions, and champions can help us get through the rough spots and thrive.

We are pleased to announce Mom's Corner, a safe and informative space for Moms to share our journeys with fellow Moms. We invite you to contribute your perspective about:

  • Your birth experience
  • Postpartum surprises
  • Challenges you have experienced, and the insights and wisdom that came from them
  • Advice and recommendations

As an example, here is something I wrote about my postpartum experience. I'm sure you have similar stories that would help other mothers, so please join us in making our community even more amazing and supportive. (To get the creative juices flowing, every month we will select a contributor via raffle to receive a beautiful metallic tote).

Contribution guidelines
  • 700-1,000 words is ideal, but shorter bites can also work.
  • The story should be based on actual events and perspectives, not a work of fiction.
  • The story should not offer medical advice unless you are a certified specialist in that field (in which case, we may ask to also highlight your story in our Experts blog).
  • Focus on a clear message (something you learned, discovered about yourself, or want to share with others).
Copyright and Acknowledgements
  • In sending us your story:
  • You acknowledge that if selected for publication, the story may be edited for length and shared across the platform and social media.
  • You acknowledge that the story is yours, is not a work of fiction, and that no other person or organization owns the exclusive right to tell it.
  • You agree to's Terms and Conditions.
  • At your request, we would be happy to publish your story without stating your name and use an anonymous descriptive attribution (i.e., "First-time Mom", etc.) instead.
Editing tips
  • Try for a short, easy-to-read headline.
  • Build your story in three main parts:
  • Introduction: Engage the reader, "tell them what you're going to tell them"
  • Middle: Illustrate the topic with clear and interesting points
  • End: A concluding paragraph that draws everything together
Where to send it
  1. Email your draft, or even your ideas in rough form, to
  2. If you wish, one of our staff will help you shape and complete your story

Hugs & Care, team