Reconnect- physical therapy for your core and pelvic floor

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Papaya Health is an online platform that helps women cultivate their seeds of strength through every stage of womanhood. We’ve translated our experience as Doctors of Physical Therapy into bite-sized videos and self-paced content that tackle topics like postpartum pelvic floor rehab, incontinence in female athletes, and more matters that make you blush (but shouldn’t). Nothing’s taboo here. We approach women’s musculoskeletal health with straightforward knowledge and compassion, because that should be the standard of care. And on top of all that, wellness should be fun! Let’s laugh and learn together, so you can finally stop wondering about what’s going on with your body – and start loving it.  About the Founders Together, we’re the best of friends and experienced physical therapists with our own respective practices in Northern California. We first met in physical therapy school, and Papaya Health is the natural progression of our shared passion and expertise regarding women’s health.

Reconnect - The essential guide for moms to reconnect their core and pelvic floor.

A Postpartum Recovery Plan should be the standard of care for all women after giving birth - whether you've had a C-section or a vaginal delivery. Our program is designed for every mother. What you'll get,

  • Immediate unlimited access to this course
  • Clear guidance and a step-by-step plan
  • The most effective exercises that addresses diastasis recti, incontinence (leaking), back pain, and wrist pain

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