Birthing Support Group

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I am NOT a medical advisor or midwife, and I just here to give advice, support, and answer any questions you may have for me. I also want you all to use each other and gain knowledge from each other. I am here as a guide, and holding space for everyone to let loose, be comfortable, and ask the off wall questions or talk about topics that no one wants to bring up.

Return Policy

I AM NOT A LICENSED MIDWIFE OR MEIDCAL PROVIDER! Refund Policy If you can't make it for the session, you will get a 50% of your money back, if you make contact within 48 hours. Cancellation Policy If the session gets cancelled, you will recieve a refund within 48-72 hours.


You sign up through my website ( and a zoom link will be sent out to you a day before the session, and if you want to send in a donation before or after class it will be sent on how you can.

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