New parents preparation package

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Parents to be have tons of questions on how to prepare your home and self for the baby's arrival. This package is designed to help you understand how to prepare your home, what questions to ask when hiring Postpartum support provider, as well as how to pack for hospital bag. Get 50% OFF when you hire a provider via platform.

This package includes.

  • Things to prepare for moms and baby's arrival at home
  • Hospital bag checklist
  • Things to do before the leaving the hospital with the baby
  • Breastmilk storage guidelines
  • Doula interview worksheets
  • NCS interview worksheets
  • Nanny interview worksheets
  • Questions for you to consider after a Doula/NCS/Nanny Interview
  • Tips on how to welcome and settle Doula/NCS/Nanny in your home
Class starts on (All times are in PST)

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