Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching Session

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No two pregnancies are alike. With individualized support to plan for what happens after you have your baby, you can enter your 4th trimester with intention and confidence. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy/postpartum journey, we can:

  1. Focus on the specific to dos of the postpartum period (such as getting a birth certificate, how to find a lactation consultant, what parental benefit forms you need to fill out, how to set up a 529 savings plan)
  2. Plan for your first few weeks at home, discussing, for example, your preferences and plan for visitors, feeding/nursing, nighttime, your physical recovery etc.
  3. Explore your broader goals and vision for your postpartum experience, return to work (if applicable) and beyond.

Topics may include career transitions, changes in family and relationship dynamics, and daily habits.Working together 1:1 anywhere from a few sessions to several months, we will come up with a plan for you to ensure you transition into postpartum and motherhood with ease.


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