Private in-person Childbirth Education Classes

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This is a full childbirth education class held in your home over the course of one or several class meetings.  If you and your partner are the only couple present the fee is $100/hour, usually a maximum fee of $600 covered everything you need.  If you wish to have less or more detailed of a class, that is able to be offered.  However, If you are able to find other couples and open your home to them as "Host."  I will offer the class free to you and each other couple pays a $395 total fee for the entire class.

The Childbirth Prep Series derives tools and techniques from a broad and diverse range of sources covering all the core topics of any comprehensive childbirth preparation class. This series is known to have a great balance between theory and practice allowing you to arrive at the day of your birth knowledgeable and confident, outfitted with a vast variety of labor support tools. Couples tell us they especially appreciate the practical approach that goes beyond what is typically covered in basic books or classes.

$ 600 USD


You will receive an email from me(Deanna) after your purchase to schedule appointment. I come to your home on days and times agreed upon by both of us.

Return Policy

Class can be made up at a future date. There is not a return or refund policy.