Self Paced Perinatal Pelvic Floor Health Workshop - 7 Weeks

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Become your own pelvic floor physical therapist in seven weeks! Navigate pregnancy, labor and/or postpartum with confidence and an unprecedented understanding of your body. If you are pregnant and have symptoms or want to optimize your body’s ability grow and carry a baby; if you are pregnant and want to prepare your body for labor and delivery; if you are postpartum and want to know how to feel good and strong again; if you are experiencing prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain and/or diastasis recti; if you are trying to conceive and want to do everything you can to prepare your body for pregnancy…this series addresses all of this and more!

  • Week 1 - An intro to your pelvic floor
  • Week 2 - What to do today and everyday
  • Week 3 - Really getting to know your abdominal and pelvic floor
  • Week 4 - Prenatal topics
  • Week 5 - Postpartum topics
  • Week 6 - What your symptoms mean and what to do about them
  • Week 7 - Perinatal exercise

Can you really teach me to be my own PT? YES! There will be no internal assessments or treatments performed within the class setting but participants will be instructed on how to do this on their own in week 3.


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