Virtual Program: Un-Conditional Well-Being for Moms

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1 Hr for 4 Weeks

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Unfurl your limitless potential with this 4 week virtual program which is inspired by Ayurveda, Yoga & Behavioral Sciences and led by Vaidya-Scientist Nami, BAMS, MD(Ayu), VSF,one of the most extensively India-trained Ayurveda clinicians (vaidyas) in the US.

Program Structure

Week 1 :

Using curiosity and awareness, we unlock and access Abundance and meet our Innermost Selves with Deep Compassion.

Week 2:

We learn how to create energy in our systems - top down and bottom up.

Week 3:

We learn how to plug emotional and mental energy drains.

Week 4:

We synthesize everything and learn how to create a supportive environment that nourishes us and everyone around us.An environment which enables us to accelerate to our vision and purpose.

We will have a structured discussion with personal reflections. They will be followed by doable daily behavioral shifts that can be gradually weaved in.


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