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I have been teaching group fitness classes since 1988 and love every minute of it! Whether you are pregnant, new mom, fitness fanatic or a beginner, I try to welcome and engage all levels. Keeping fresh with certifications such as cycle, kickboxing, Body Shred and Barre help me grow in knowledge. I am an EDIT Certified Recovery Coach Level 3 using solution focused strategies and intuitive decisions to help you move forward in your life. I am also a facilitator for The Body Positive using curriculum based on strategies to tame the critical voice , find body acceptance and a healthy relationship with food.
Kelly's classes are fun, entertaining and sweaty. It is one hour of mindful exercises, which leave you energized and wanting for more. Can't recommend her more. ~P.K.

Work experience

Services offered

Services summary

  • Fitness studio owner (K G Fitness Studio)
  • Group exercise instructor
  • Mom (or Dad) and Child exercise classes (Virtual and in studio)
  • Body Empower Life Coaching (Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy, EDIT)
  • Personal Training (Virtual and in studio)
  • Pre & Postnatal exercise classes (Coming Soon!)

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Body Empower Life Coaching:

  • Emotional support with self worth
  • Strategies and tools for self care and acceptance

Personal Training: Personalized workout plan based on clients need, including

  • Warm up
  • Workout
  • Stretch
  • Meditation

Mom/Dad & Baby classes:

  • Hey Parents….Ever feel like you need to workout but have NO TIME! Why not workout together ? Having fun together  not only builds a strong bond but relieves stress! Guaranteed workout for parent(s) and fun for kiddos.

Virtual classes and in studio at K G Fitness Studio, 158 W 25th Ave San Mateo Ca 94403

Virtual classes:
Mondays 11:15-11:45 - Parent /Toddler classes ‍
Starting Jan 6, 2021: Virtual class
Wednesdays 3:45-4:15pm - Kids Boot Camp (7-9 years)‍

My approach

I started teaching group fitness in 1988 and was instantly hooked!. I am also a Drama and Character Education Teacher and also have been coaching cheerleading for 25 years! Being a teacher has brought me joy and has taught me so much through the years. I have learned patience (haha), empathy and an understanding that all people are different and beautiful. I have watched my students grow up into adults and some students take my classes now as grown adults.


  • Mom (or Dad) and Child exercise classes: $15 drop in class or $40 unlimited a month
    (30 days from purchase)
  • Body Empower Life Coaching: $60 an hour, by appointment  - Personal Training: $60 an hour, by appointment
  • Pre & Postnatal exercise classes (Coming Soon!)

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SCW fitness
AFAA - Primary group exercise
AFAA - Jillian Michaels bodyshred

Background check

Provider is willing to provide a background check upon request.
Third-party background check
Registered with California Trustline


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