Postpartum Doulas - Part 2: Parenting new parents

July 29, 2023

Newmom.me is a one-stop resource connecting parents with pre and postpartum service providers, products and classes. In this podcast, we are interviewing Robyn Comfort, an experienced Postpartum & Birth Doula, where she is sharing her thoughts about:

  • Who are Postpartum Doulas?
  • How can Postpartum Doulas help new parents successfully transition to parenthood?
  • How can parents find a Postpartum Doula who best meets their needs?

This part 2 of Postpartum Doula series covers:

  • Why & How Robyn became a doula
  • When & how to start looking for a Postpartum Doula
  • How to find a Postpartum Doula

Visit Newmom.me to connect with Robyn and other Postpartum Doulas and care providers.

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